Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014) Encyclopedia

Wolfenstein : The New Order (2014)

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a reboot of the Wolfenstein franchise developed by Swedish studio MachineGames, and published by Bethesda Softworks (subsidiary of ZeniMax Media). It has been released in June 2014 on PC and consoles, and got very positive reviews (MetaCritic score around 80%).

Game trailer

Game preview

Somes sites have exclusive previews, like GameSpot in USA and JeuxVideo.com in France. Some interesting ones have been posted about the game:

  • A video interview of GameSpot US at MachineGames, with their first impressions about the demo shown to the press (w/o being able to share some shots of the game in action)
  • A preview from JeuxVideo.com

Here is the video from GameSpot US (en Anglais):

Here is what we currently known about the game:

  • Story
    • You’ll play again BJ Blazkowicz, the hero of the Wolfenstein franchise, an American spy of Polish origin.
    • BJ fell into a coma at the end of the war, and woke up 14 years later, in 1960.
    • The Nazis have won the war and invaded the world – and even the Moon! (a nod at Finish movie “Iron Sky“?).
    • They have some top-secret super weapons that helped them to win the war.
    • We’ll travel in a world of retro sci-fi with robots, laser guns, etc…
    • The technological leap that helped the Nazis to created their top-secret super weapons and win the war wouldn’t be coming from a supernatural power like the Veil in Wolfenstein (in 2009), but from secret technologies the player will have to uncover. It seems there won’t be any Veil power or Black Sun in this game.
  • Places
    • In the first demo shown to the press, BJ was led by a local Resistand in a cab to a Nazi research facility close to museums and Big Ben, in London, and he started to fight soldiers in huge rooms full of places where to cover, because there’re numerous of very dangerous enemies around!
    • In another part of the demo, the player explores an immense entry hall with balconies on both sides, and staircases leading to the upper open floors. He also enter a huge room with a big replica of the moon (invaded by Nazis) under a gigantic dome.
    • The architecture of a world that has been dominated by Nazis for 20 years will be very impressive, and will lead BJ to many cities in Europe with a totally different look, but also to special areas like the Polish mountain by car, the Berlin catacombs with a submarine vehicle, in a train where he will meet a twisted Nazy lady, etc…
  • Gameplay
    • There will be only a solo part, no multiplayer.
    • The game will contain exploration sequences where the player will have to discuss with non-playable friendly characters (Resistants, Allies, etc…), explore areas and discover treasures, etc…
    • There will be also very intense action sequences where you’ll have to move and cover to avoid being killed, but without staying too long at the same place.
    • While shooting with his weapons, the hero will destroy many elements of the room, like walls and pillars, and might destroy some places where he could cover. It seems they’re well using a very powerful physic engine.
    • The player can also lean to see what happens behind a wall and shoot safely, and even lead to shoot under a car on the enemies ankles!
  • Enemies
    • The AI will be very advanced, and will be able to cover and dislodge player who are hiding for too long.
    • Robots are part of the Nazi army, with fierce dog robots and flying robots.
    • During the whole game, the player will meet many special twisted characters like this twisted Nazi lady.
    • While discussing with this Nazi lady, the player will have to choose carefully the sentences he will say in order to avoid being spotted, and continue his mission safely.
  • Weaponry
    • The weapons are described as being very varied and fun to use.
    • There will be circa 40 weapons at the beginning of the game, and nearly 60 after some missions.
    • BJ will be able to use two weapons at the same time, in akimbo mode.
    • He’ll be able to stab enemies in the back.
    • Many weapons are described as being “industrial” and “heavy”, with some of them (like a shotgun) seem to have some mechanics to build the ammo’s they’re firing!
    • There will be laser guns.
    • BJ will be able to user, in a sequence of the game, some heavily armored battle mechs.
  • Technical
    • The game will be released on PC and consoles of current generation (PS3 and X-Box 360) and next-gen (PS4 and X-Box 3 most probably), without giving much precision about a possible release on Wii U.
    • The game will use the id Tech 5 engine from id Software, which was created for Rage and is also used for Doom 4. id Software will provide technical support for the engine to MachineGames.
  • Development
    • The game is developed by Swedish studio MachineGames – aka ZeniMax Sweden -, which is part of the ZeniMax Media group. The company was created by former founding members of the Starbreeze Studios, which worked on Riddick series, a very good solo game. More info on the creators page.
    • The developers say they’ve been inspired by Wolfenstein 3-D and its fast-paced and nervous fights, with a lot of movements.
    • The developers could use the world of Wolfenstein in order to create extravagant things that couldn’t be possible in a classical WWII game, with retro sci-fi stuffs, robots, etc…
    • The game will be published and distributed by Bethesda Softworks, subsidiary of ZeniMax Media, which also owns id Software (see the creators page for more details).
    • There is no information about the role of id Software in this development, except for the technical support it will give to MachineGames for its id Tech 5 engine. For previous Wolfenstein games, the Texan studio was also in charge of the supervision of game production, but as it’s currently in trouble with the development of Doom 4 (and got lectured by Bethesda because of that), it is not sure it will be also the case this time. It is more likely that Bethesda will do this supervision instead.


The game is being developed by Swedish studio MachineGames (aka ZeniMax Sweden), uses the id Tech 5 engine from id Software, and will be published and distributed by Bethesda Softworks, subsidiary of ZeniMax Medias.

Please refer to the page dedicated to game creators for more details…


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